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Mistress Eva Lordes

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Welcome, submissive.
Begin your journey to surrender here.
Read over my website and learn all about me.


"My journey as a Professional Dominatrix has spanned over Twenty Five years. I love being served, pleased, and obeyed. I may be a strict and demanding Mistress, but I care about the well-being of my subs. I am very fortunate that many of my submissives have served me for years. Even though I find one-time sessions pleasurable, I feel the hottest play happens over time. The more I understand you physically and psychologically, the better I can dominate you!"


The Sensual Sadist

I gain great pleasure by observing the reactions of my subs as they suffer for me. I love masochists! Our sessions can range from light to very heavy SM. As an experienced Dominatrix, I have learned to dominate my subs skillfully and safely. Your hard limits are honored because trust is the foundation of any healthy power exchange. I believe in safe, sane, consensual, and risk-aware SM. I implement safe words and signals in my sessions to alleviate any form of miscommunication. Once my sub overcomes their nervousness, they can focus on serving me.


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The Phone Goddess Icon

In the year 2000, a submissive of mine had asked if I was taking calls on a phone sex site called, Niteflirt. I had honestly never heard of it before. Out of curiosity, I signed up to see if I would enjoy doing it. Much to my surprise, I loved it. I have taken over 30,000 calls since then! My great feedback speaks for itself.

FemDom phone or texting sessions are perfect for anyone too nervous or unable to serve me in person. Our personal and billing information remains private. What we discuss is kept confidential. So we can relax and explore our kinkiest fantasies.

Through my callers, I have explored all kinds of BDSM play, fetishes, and kinks I had never tried before. It has helped me to better understand my subs psychologically on a much deeper level. One example is that I am now very comfortable giving cruel verbal humiliation. I have no qualms tearing down my submissives verbally when they need or deserve it!

Virtual sessions help me to remain connected with my subs between our in-person sessions. It gives them an additional way to please and amuse me.

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The Educator and Mentor

It has been an honor to be taught BDSM by some incredible Mistresses and Masters throughout the years. I have also attended numerous conventions and workshops across the United States. I strongly believe in giving back to the BDSM community by educating others about this lifestyle I passionately love. I offer BDSM classes to couples and individuals who are beginners or wish to take their knowledge and skills to the next level. I enjoy teaching ways to foster healthier power exchange relationships.


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The Fetishist

I still vividly remember how it felt to slide into my first leather coat and boots. The soft texture of the leather and their scent was so intoxicating! I love corsetry, retro lingerie, fine hosiery, gloves, and seductive high heels. I also enjoy having my feet pampered and worshiped. You will be surprised by my extensive list of Fetishes and BDSM interests. We are only limited by our imagination


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