I am currently based in Durham, North Carolina. I love training subs of all experience levels. In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and personal concerns about my privacy and safety, my Dungeon is currently closed. I am still considering all my options. In the meantime, I am available for live sessions at select hotels convenient to my location. I am also seeking out reputable Dungeons to rent from.  I am giving preference to my established subs who I have greatly missed throughout the pandemic lock down. All my sessions are by appointment only. I still require at least 24 hour notice to schedule your session.

I still have a large arsenal of BDSM gear at my disposal! Leather Sleep Sack, Leather Opera Gloves, Metal and Leather Restraints, Chains, Lots of Rope, Various Collars, Hoods, Blindfolds and Gags, Dental Gags, Parachute and Various Weights, Wartenberg Wheels, Spreader Bars, New Authentic Body Bag, PES and Folsom Power Boxes and Attachments, Violet Wand Kit, Hagar Sounds Kit, Leather and Rubber Floggers, Fur Flogger, Dragon Tail, Single Tail Whips, Braided Whips, Paddles, Canes, Riding Crops, Various Nipple Clamps, Low Temp Wax Candles, Supplies for Mummification, Play Piercings supplies. Butt Plugs and Toys etc. of many Sizes. I have a ever growing Feminization wardrobe too!

Session Schedule

Noon - 10:00PM Eastern Time

Durham, North Carolina USA

By Appointment only.

At least 24 Hour Notice Required!


One hour Session: $250.00

Two hour Session: $400.00

One hour BDSM Class: $75 per person.

In Person Consult: $50.00 per hour.

Sissy Shopping Trips: $100 per hour.

Shopping Spree: $300.00 min.



  • You should always be on your best behavior and show me the highest respect whenever you are addressing me.

  • Mistresses are not mind readers so you must communicate openly and honestly with me. Building mutual trust is very important.

  • Tell me if you have ANY medical problems. Especially if you are diabetic, have cardiac issues, STDs, joint problems or any allergies. Tell me if you have taken ASPIRIN or any blood thinners recently.

  • I never go nude nor have intimate body contact with my subs. I do not offer massages of any kind. I never "switch" in my Sessions. Do not embarrass yourself by requesting illegal activities, you will be immediately shown the door!

  • Keep your appointments with me and be punctual. When we schedule an appointment, you will be given a time to reconfirm on the day of our session. If you do not reconfirm our appointment, you will be considered a no show. If you are more than 15 minutes late for our session, you will also be considered a no show.

  • If you cannot make our scheduled appointment, contact me ASAP to cancel or reschedule. Getting cold feet? Arrange to speak to me before cancelling our session. Being nervous and excited prior to serving me is normal. Standing me up is highly disrespectful! No shows are not allowed to reschedule another appointment with me except if they compensate me beforehand for the session they missed. No exceptions!

  • Obey any protocols that I have given you prior to our session. This may involve a certain way to groom or how you should arrive at my door.

  • Arrive freshly showered and well groomed. No heavy colognes or aftershaves.

  • Be sober. If you arrive intoxicated, you will be told to leave immediately. No illegal substances are allowed on my premises!

  • Discretion is demanded and assured.