I own a private, well equipped playspace in Durham, North Carolina. It is a Twenty minute escape from the RDU Airport depending on traffic.   Its located in a discreet and safe neighborhood with parking on the street. There are many hotels and shopping options nearby.

My Dungeon is currently equipped with a Leather Padded St. Andrews Cross, Antique Metal GYN Chair, Bondage Bed, My Throne, Leather Sleep Sack, Leather Opera Gloves, Metal and Leather Restraints, Chains, Lots of Rope, Various Collars, Hoods, Blindfolds and Gags, Dental Gags, Parachute and Various Weights, Wartenberg Wheels, Spreader Bars, The Humbler, New Authentic Body Bag, PES and Folsom Power Boxes and Attachments, Violet Wand Kit, Hagar Sounds Kit, Leather and Rubber Floggers, Fur Flogger, Dragon Tail, Single Tail Whips, Braided Whips, Paddles, Canes, Riding Crops, Various Nipple Clamps, Low Temp Candles, Supplies for Mummification, One Gallon Enema Bag Kit and Nozzles, Supplies for Play Piercings and Cuttings. Butt Plugs and Toys etc. of many Sizes. I have a ever growing Feminization wardrobe too!

Dungeon Hours:  12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Email: evalordes@protonmail.com

Call: 1-888-540-0545


1 Hour BDSM Session: $250.00

2 Hour BDSM Session: $400.00

1 Hour Traveling Rate: $300.00

BDSM Classes $60.00/hour

Sissy Shopping Trips: $100/hour

In Person Consult: $50.00/hour

Shopping Sprees: $300.00 minimal

Overnight sessions are available for established subs only.  Rates start at $1600.00 for Eight hours. A deposit is required to book an extended sessions with me.


Mistress Eva Lordes in her Durham, NC Dungeon.


I prefer that your initial sub application be sent by email.

Email: evalordes@protonmail.com


I enjoy training men, women, and  LGBTQ+.  Submissives and couples are welcome to apply for servitude or SM classes with me. I require that all my applicants state their first name, age, city, and availability when applying to serve me. I will not allow anyone under the age of Eighteen to serve me. Be aware that I will check your ID if you look underage!


I will need to know all about your submissive needs, desires and fetishes. Do you seek to serve me in person or by Phone/Cam/Chat? The more I know about you, the better I can dominate you. I also need to know what your turn offs and hard limits are. Do you have any prior experience serving a Mistress? References are always appreciated.


If I feel that you are worthy to serve me, I will respond with an request to schedule a time to speak with you by phone. During this conversation, be somewhere that you feel comfortable speaking openly with me. You should always be respectful when addressing me. Feel free to ask me questions. All our interactions will be kept completely confidential. If we mesh well, I will arrange a time to see you.



You should always be on your best behavior and show me the highest respect whenever you are addressing or serving me. You should always be completely open and honest with me because having mutual trust is very important.

You will keep your appointments with me. On the day of our Session, you will be given a time to confirm that you are still available at our agreed time to serve me. If you do not contact me to confirm, I will assume that you were unavailable to see me and mark you as a no show. Standing up a Mistress is beyond disrespectful! I do not tolerate time wasters and you might be banned from serving me again. If you must cancel or need to reschedule, contact me as soon as possible.

You must obey any protocols that I have given you prior to our session. This may involve a certain way to groom or how you should arrive at my door.

Arrive freshly showered and well groomed. No heavy colognes or aftershaves. Be sober. If you arrive intoxicated, you will be told to leave. No illegal substances are allowed on my premises!

I do not get nude or have intimate body contact with my subs. I never give massages of any kind. First of all, you are not worthy and secondly, you are here to serve me! I never switch in my sessions. Do not embarrass yourself by requesting illegal activities, you will be immediately shown the door.




1-800-863-5478 Ext: 9439179

$1.99 per minute.

Major Credit Cards Accepted

Durham , North Carolina USA
Session/Booking Hour NOON - 11:00 PM
Link: http://a.co/9EsWFs7
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