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Black Chips


Have you been watching me from afar, driven by deep desires, as you imagine yourself kneeling before me? Or perhaps you desire a leather-clad goddess to guide you through a cathartic journey of pain and ecstasy? Are you ready to lose all control to a dominant woman who can strip away your ego and bend your will to hers?

Look no further. I am your passions made flesh. You may shed your inhibitions and experience the freedom of surrender while in my presence. I have over 20 years of real-life experience as a Dominatrix. Our time together will be safe, sane, consensual, and risk-aware. You may apply to serve me if you seek light BDSM and fetish exploration or need to be pushed to your limits. I enjoy dominating subs of all experience levels. I expect you to be respectful and very eager to please me. Read over my website before applying to serve me.

Update: I have a new private play space in Raleigh, North Carolina. It's well-equipped and in an upscale area. It currently has a bondage rack, spanking benches, a leather sleeping sack, a St. Andrews cross, a GYN exam table, and bondage gear.  Plus, there are all kinds of devious implements to tease and torment your senses. It also has a full bathroom available.


Mistress Eva Lordes_edited_edited_edited
Mistress Eva Lordes
Mistress Eva Lordes
Mistress Eva Lordes_edited.jpg


You must be 21 years old or older to serve me. All my sessions are by appointment only. I require at least 48+ hours ' notice to schedule our appointment. A partial deposit is required. In the rare case that I am available for a same-day session, you must send me the full session amount to secure your appointment time.

In-person Rates:

My rates are non-negotiable. I do not offer any massage or escort services.

1 hour: $300.00

90 mins: $450.00

2 hours: $600.00

3 Hours $850.00

4 Hours: $1200.00

(Regulars get special rates.)

Inquire for extended session rates.

Coffee, dinner, or parties. $100 per hour.

Sissy Shopping: $100 per hour

Shopping Spree: $500.00 minimum

BDSM Classes: Go HERE

(Instructional Only.)

Individual: 1 Hour - $75.00

Couple: 1 Hour - $140.00

Poly Group: Contact me.

Play Space Rental: $50.00 hourly


When you are ready to submit, complete my application below and await my reply. I am selective about whom I deem worthy to serve. I reserve the right to turn down any requests that I dislike. Put effort into your responses to impress me! I only reply to well-written, detailed inquiries. The more I know about you, the better I can dominate you. Your application form will remain strictly confidential.

If you have any questions, you may email me.

New Cancellation Policy

With the new Dungeon location, there is a new cancellation policy. Any cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will not have their deposit refunded. The deposit will be used to pay for the Dungeon rental. Since the pandemic, more appointments were being canceled at the last minute, so changes had to be made. If I must cancel for any reason, your deposit will be refunded within 24 hours. I prefer Cash App for deposits.

July 2024 Monthly Calendar Best GIF.gif

Email me to inquire about my current availability at the Raleigh, NC playspace. I may have more availability on the starred dates on my calendar. On the days that say, "Outcall only," the playspace is unavailable, but I have time to see you at an upscale hotel in the Triangle area.

Protocols for Arrival.

​If I feel that we are a good match, I will review all the protocols required to see me for a session. I take our safety and discretion very seriously.  


Upon arrival, I expect you to be freshly showered, well-groomed, sober, and ready to submit to me. Brush your teeth, and use deodorant and mouthwash. Breath mints are OK. You may lightly apply cologne, but be aware that I am allergic to Polo cologne. (Do not use any body lotion.)


Specific forms of play require preparation before your arrival. In such circumstances, I will give you directions beforehand.

Be discreet at all times. You must be in street clothes when entering and leaving my domain. Have all your toys, BDSM gear, or fetish clothing completely enclosed in a suitcase or gym bag. If you bring me a gift, keep it concealed in a gift bag or have it wrapped. When you enter, I will give you further instructions. Place my tribute in a birthday card with an envelope somewhere I can easily see it. 


What to Expect.

​Before the scene begins, We will speak briefly to get acquainted so you can get past any nervousness. I want you focused on serving me. You may respectfully ask me questions. I will review the safe words and signals used in our session. Then, our journey begins.

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