Gifts for Mistress Eva


"I love being spoiled and pampered by my subs. Even though I do not require that you buy me gifts, it is a kind gesture that would please me and get my attention. What submissive man would not want to indulge his Mistress and make her happy? I have created a list of stores below that I enjoy receiving online gift cards from."

Mistress Eva Lordes

(You may buy a Amazon Gift Card at the store and just email me the code on the back of the card.)


If you feel uneasy about using a credit/debit card to purchase an E Gift Card for me, then use cash to purchase a money gift card to use online instead. They are easily found at grocery and drug stores.

Whenever you send me an E Gift card, always use this email address: evalordes@protonmail.com


IMPORTANT: Remember to be discreet if you decide to add a note to your gifts. Do not say anything that is BDSM related or could be considered offensive.






Whole Foods

Outback Steakhouse

Torrid Clothing

Secrets in Lace