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"I love being spoiled and pampered by my subs. Even though I do not require that you buy me gifts, it is a kind gesture. It would please me, and certainly, get my attention. What submissive man would not want to indulge their Mistress and treat her like a Queen?"

Mistress Eva Lordes

Gifts for Goddess Eva

SpankPay is an adult-friendly option if you would like to send me a financial tribute. They accept major credit cards.

Luxylist is an adult-friendly universal wish list service that will anonymously forward your gifts to me. I never see any of your details or billing information. There is an additional delivery fee, but it's well worth it. You may email me and tell me which gift you bought me. Then I will personally thank you.

If you prefer to use cash, you may purchase an Amazon gift and email me the gift card code.


Send to:


Important: Remember to be discreet when adding a personal note to my gifts. Do not say anything that is BDSM related or would be considered offensive. Thanks!


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