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Here is a partial list of some my favorite ways to dominate, tease, and torment you! Read through my list of BDSM Interests carefully. If you have a desire or interest not listed here, you may ask me about it by email. I also have my Hard Limits listed below which means things that I absolutely never do or offer in my in person sessions.


CBT and Genitorture, Verbal &  Physical Humiliation,  Degradation, Tease and Denial, Orgasm Control, Chastity Training, Hot Wax & Ice, OTK Spankings, Flogging, Whipping, Single Tail Whipping, Caning, Belts & Switches, Paddling, Electrical Play, Violet Wand, Nipple Torture, Cigarette Burning, Urethral Sounds, Chemical Play, Water Torture, Scratching, Tweezing, Face Slapping, Pinwheels, Needle Play, Ball Kicking, Tickle Torture


Leather, Boot Fetish, PVC, Long Fingernails, Balloons/ Popping, Plastic, Leg Fetish, Foot Fetish, Trampling, Smoking and Cigars, Human Ashtray, Stockings, Pantyhose, Panties, High heels, Gloves, Lipstick, Long Hair, CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male), BBW, Puppy Play, Food Play, Messy, Medical Fetish, Poppers Play, Tickle Torture, Small Dick Humiliation


Leather Restraints, Sleep Sack, Opera Gloves, Rope Bondage, Hand Cuffs, Manacles, Shackles, Cock Bondage, Chains, Bondage Mitts, Spreader Bars, Humbler, Collar & Leash, Mummification, Rope, Vet Wrap, Duct Tape, Saran, Bondage Tape, Predicament Bondage, Hoods, Masks, Gas Mask, Ball Gags, Bit Gags, Inflatable Gags, Ear Plugs, Blind Folds, St. Andrews Cross, Bondage Bed, Medical GYN Chair with Bondage Points, Spanking Bench

Role Play:

Doctor/patient, GYN Visit/Medical, Teacher/student, Cruel MILF Neighbor, Cheating  Wife/Cuckolding, Slave Training, Puppy Training, Goddess Worship, Queen/subject,  Boss/employee, Cop/criminal, Warden/ prisoner, Cruel Interrogation, Sissy Training, Domestic Service, Sissy Maid, Forced Feminization, Giantess, Religious, Domestic Discipline


Even though I am a sensual sadist, I am not into harming my subs or causing permanent damage. I have no interest in having to take you to ER or calling the morgue! So with that being said, everything we do in our scene is discussed and agreed to beforehand. I only offer safe, sane, consensual BDSM and risk aware domination sessions. Even if we agree to a scene were it seems I am forcing you to do something, you must consent to it beforehand. I also use safe words and signals so you may communicate clearly if you are in physical or mental distress.


While we are discussing my hard limits, its also very important that you know your own hard limits before you contact me. Never tell anyone you have no limits! If you tell the wrong person that you have no limits, they may actually show you what that means and things could go wrong quickly. I will honor your hard limits.

Mistress Eva Lordes

These hard limits are for all my in person professional domination sessions. Do not embarrass yourself by requesting these types of play. Email me if you have any questions about my limits in regards to my phone domination and chat sessions. EvaLordes@protonmail.com

  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed.

  • No Shows. You must cancel or reschedule

  • Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

  • No sexual intercourse.

  • I will not give or receive oral sex from you.

  • I do not offer massages. You serve me!

  • I never switch into a submissive role.

  • I am never nude in my sessions.

  • No toilet play

  • No red showers.

  • No Vomit

  • No animals, living or dead.

  • No smoking. Smoking Fetish is allowed.

  • No drugs or alcohol. Arrive sober!

  • Poor hygiene. Arrive well groomed.

  • No permanent marks, tattoos or piercings given. 

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